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Fairfax ASAP

10700 Page Avenue, Suite 201
Fairfax, VA 22030 Map

Phone: (703) 246-2727
Fax:     (703) 691-2798

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Vienna and Herndon

Programs Offered
Pre-Court Evaluations for DWI Offenders
Education Intervention
Year-long Probation Supervision for DWI Offenders
Probation, Assessment, and Education and/or Treatment (first offense drug possessions)
Habitual Offender Evaluations
Habitual Offender Relapse Prevention Education
Probation Supervision of Restored Habitual Offenders
Suspended Operator License Intervention Interviews as Ordered by DMV
Adolescent Education and Assessment &Referral — S.A.F.E.
Driver Improvement (8 hour course)
Aggressive Driving (4 hour course)
Reckless/Aggressive Driving/Driver Improvement (12 hour course)
Underage Alcohol Possession (Young Offenders)

Fairfax ASAP offers its 20-hour education curriculum in English and Spanish. Most other services are offered in English and Spanish.

Special Programs

Reckless/ Aggressive Driver Education - Persons charged with Reckless Driving may enroll prior to their court date or as ordered by the Court in a 12-hour education program. The program includes an 8-hour driver improvement course (for which they may receive 5 safe driving points providing it's not ordered by court) and 4 hours of education specific to the causes of reckless/aggressive driving, and teaches methods to avoid the situations which encourage dangerous driving behavior.

S.A.F.E. - Adolescents referred by the Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court after an alcohol/drug-related offense are evaluated for treatment needs. They attend a lecture presented by the Medical Examiner, which includes a slide presentation graphically describing the real-life consequences of substance abuse-related deaths investigated by this office, spend three hours at Fairfax INOVA Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center, where they observe first-hand the substance abuse-related trauma cases as they are brought to the trauma room, and are given a tour of the intensive care and other areas of the hospital. The adolescents write a 500-word essay describing their experiences, and attend 4 hours of alcohol/drug education classes at Fairfax ASAP. In addition, their parent/guardian attends a separate 4-hour workshop designed to educate parents regarding the drugs of abuse among teens, and offers assistance and referral to treatment if necessary.

Young Offender Program - Persons 18-21 years old who need education only are offered a condensed program over the summer to accommodate college schedules.

The Fairfax County Alcohol Safety Action Program supports the provision of the ADA and is committed to providing equal access to all of its programs, services and activities. Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request.

For more information about the Fairfax County ASAP, please call (703) 246-2727.

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