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Capital Area ASAP

4915 Augusta Ave
Richmond, VA 23230 Map

Phone: (804) 367-6090
Fax:     (804) 367-0047

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Serves the area(s) of:

Counties of:
Goochland and Hanover
Cities of:
Richmond, Ashland

Programs Offered
Alcohol/Drug Intervention Program (ADIP)
Community Services Supervision, Only 
Community Services Supervision
Driver Improvement
Driving After Consumption
Driving Suspended Interview
DUI, BUI, Alcohol Related Reckless
Education Intervention
First Offender Drug
Habitual Offender
Ignition Interlock, Only
Record Monitoring Only
Probation Monitoring
Reckless/Aggressive Driver
Treatment Intervention
Victim Impact Panel
Young Offender
Basic Urine Drug screen
Class Makeup Fee; Rescheduling

Special Information
On-line programs shall not be accepted.

CAASAP Out of State Requirements:
* Licensed Virginia residents that receive a DUI in another state are as a general rule required to enroll.
* Licensed Virginia residents that relocate to another state must complete Virginia ASAP requirements.
* Out-of-state residents that are court ordered to complete CAASAP must enroll with CAASAP before the case can be transferred out-of-state.
* Habitual Offenders may petition the Richmond Circuit Court of the Court of adjudication for restoration of driving privileges.
* Offenders required to complete ignition interlock requirements must enroll with transfer and installation of the device.

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Other Programs

Community Service Supervision
As per court order, arranges for and documents requirements for completion of community services hours: or coordinates community service supervision with Probation and Parole or Local Probation Corrections. Fee charged covers cost of Liability coverage. Enrollment required.

Reckless/Aggressive Driving Education
This is a 12-hour education program for non-alcohol related charges/convictions. Participants in the program usually have charges such as reckless driving, passing on the right, driving to closely, or those driving violations that contribute to aggressive/road rage behaviors. The Cost is $125.00, and pre-registration is required. Enrollment required.

Victim Impact Panel
This is a one hour intervention for all Capital Area ASAP participants with alcohol/drug offenses. The Victim Impact Panel is a joint effort between the Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Capital Area ASAP. If a completion document is required a fee will be charged.

For more information about the Capital Area ASAP and other ancillary services, please call (804) 367-6090.

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